Glacier Trekking & Boat Tour to Viedma Glacier

A large glacier floating in the lake

We typically try to avoid big tours when we travel, as we like flexibility of being on our own schedule. But for this time, we decided to go with Patagonia Adventura to experience the lake side views of the Viedma Glacier from the boat and later explore the opportunity to actually walk on the glacier. I must say, we were not disappointed!

There are 3 types of tours:

  • Boat Tour Only (Viedma Light) 3Hrs Roundtrip
  • Boat & Glacier Trekking Tour (Viedma Ice Trek) 6Hrs Roundtrip
  • Boat + Ice climbing tour (Viedma Pro) 6Hrs Rondtrip

We opted for the Boat & Glacier Trekking Tour. And let me tell you, I did not think once about the $300 that we spent on this excursion while we were out there. This is what I call getting your money’s worth.

Dash is getting ready to board the boat that will take us Glacier Trekking

Once you purchase the tickets, you will be given instructions on when to arrive to their pickup location so you could get on their shuttle bus and be taken to the Boat Terminal. It’s about 30-45 minutes ride. One you arrive at the boat terminal, it would take another 30 or so minutes to board one of the boats.

After about 45 minute ride, you will get very close to the Viedma glacier. There were few times when we heard a loud cracking noise and witnessed huge chunks of ice fall into the water. A very sad but also a very unique experience.

Dash is on top of Viedma Galcier