Blue Ice Cave | Private Seven Hour Guided Tour

The View of The Inside of Jokulsarlon Glacier Ice Cave With Our Small, Private Group

A very rare opportunity to explore two of the least visited Ice Caves near Jokulsarlon Lagoon. Being the only group in the giant ice cave and have the ability to freely explore these magnificent wonders of nature, felt like the most unique way to experience the best Iceland has to offer.

Trip Information:

  • DistanceApproximately 4-5mi (6.5 – 8km) roundtrip
  • Elevation Change32 meters (100 ft)
  • Estimated Duration6 hours roundtrip

How to Book the Tour:

  • You can book the tour at Glacier Adventure web site. Please keep in mind, the closer you are to your dates of travel, the more difficult it will be to find available spots. Everything is Iceland, even during winter, gets sold out really quick! There is 4 to 1 group to guide ratio. You will be provided with all of the necessary equipment, including crampons for walking on the glacier. You must bring your own boots and an extra clothing as it get’s pretty chilly inside the ice cave.

Inside of the Jokulsarlon Ice Cave

We booked a 7hr guided tour of a glacier ice cave which included a short hike on the glacier itself. When we were researching ice cave tours there were two types of tours: one where the tour entails of 2-3 hours in large group setting of about 15+ people being taken to a popular cave destination visited simultaneously by many other guided tour companies. What caught our attention is that there were several, not many, tour companies offering a more “private” tour adventure, of course at an extra cost.

After reading the description of what our $340/pp tour entails: a group of 8 ppl, transportation to the foot of the glacier, hiking on the glacier to a less popular ice cave, spending anywhere up to an hour at the ice cave and then repeating the return trip. It was almost a no brainer for us that we wanted to have this experience versus seeing a more popular cave with larger crowds on a shorter schedule.

We got so lucky with the weather for this tour as the day before and the day after it poured rain all day and all tours were cancelled. We were provided all of the necessary gear, including crampons for walking on the glacier. And ohh emm ghee was that a mesmerizing experience. Due to mild weather in that region the foot of the glacier had no snow so the entire time it felt like we were walking on a frozen lake where you could see about a meter deep into the ice, the cracks and different formations underneath. I couldn’t take my eyes away from looking underneath my feet for the entire hour of our hike.

We were carefully guided around any moulins and even were securely roped up at one point where the path was steep and leading too close to the edge of the glacier. The spot that our guides chose to show us included not one but two separate ice caves! It was not mentioned in the description of the tour, so it was a very pleasant surprise. It just so happens that the main ice cave that they were taking us to had another one that formed very near by. In between the ice caves, we were given plenty of opportunities to take photos of the glacier.

Beautiful Sunset over Jokulsarlon Glacier

As we were coming back, the sun was setting basking glacier and its surroundings in pink & violet hues. It was beautiful! In moments like these, you come to realize how fortunate and lucky we are. That we have a chance to travel the world and experience these magnificent places.