Two Day Adirondacks Itinerary From ADK Loj To Algonquin Peak And Mt.Marcy

If you never hiked in the Adirondacks and are looking to experience the most scenic route? The hike through Avalanche lake and up to Algonquin & Mt.Marcy Peaks would be the most spectacular introduction.

Important Information:

  • Bear Canistersare required from April 1 to November 30. You can buy one from REI or rent it from ADK Loj conviniently located right by the trailhead parking lot. The rental prices are: 1-2Day = $8.00 | 3-4Day = $16 | 7Day = $32
  • Camping Information
    ☑ Campers are encouraged to use designated tent sites.
    ☑ Lean-tos and campsites are all available on first-come, first-served basis (Tents are not allowed inside of lean-tos). Lean-tos should be shared by multiple parties until the capacity reaches maximum of 8 people.
    ☑ Generally, you can camp anywhere on the Forest Preserve Lands, but must be atleast 150 feet from trails, roads or any water body.
    ☑ Please share your tent site if another camper arrives when it’s dark, raining or it’s very cold outside.
    ☑ You should never feed wildlife and store all of the food in bear canisters or bear lockers

Hike Information:

❖ DAY 1: Hike From ADK Loj To Lake Colden Campground | 6mi (10km)

The trail starts at the parking lot, right by the Rangers Station. When you step on trail and walk into the forest, on your right side you’ll notice a small booth that will have a trail register. Make sure you sign-in, so that if something happens to you, rescuers would know where to look for you. Follow the directions toward Marcy dam. Once you cross to the other side, stay to the right and hike toward Avalanche Pass, eventually reaching Avalanche Lake.

During winter you could have easily crossed the avalanche lake right in the middle of it on a thick layer of ice, but now, the only way to get around is on the right side of the lake. There will be few obstacles where you would have climb over some ladders and squeeze through few fairly tight spots. Once through, you will eventually get to Lake Colden, where you will have to hike along left side of the lake until your reach the campsite location specified on the map.

❖ DAY 2: Hiking to Algoinquin Peak and Iroquois Peak | 6mi (10km)

Today we just wanted to take it as slow as possible and enjoy our day without trying to make a lot of miles. We left our campground and hiked toward Algonquin Peak where we spent few hours relaxing and enjoying the view. In the afternoon, on our way back, we checked out the Iroquois Peak which offered very similar views. We got back to our camp site around 4 PM, hanged around, read some books and went to sleep early so we could get to Mt.Marcy before sunrise. ]

❖ DAY 3: Hiking to Mt.Marcy And Returning Back to ADK Loj | 10.5mi (17km)

We woke up around 3:30AM and were out on the trail by 4AM. The first two hours we hiked in pitch black conditions collecting spiderweb with our faces that was weaved overnight. Around 6AM we got above the treeline and started climbing Mt.Marcy. Unfortunately, it was a complete overcast conditions and we did not see a beautiful sunrise we expected. But it’s ok, we were still happy to enjoy this beautiful mountain all to ourselves! After spending some time at the top, we decided to head back to our camp and later hike out to the parking where we started.