Overnight Hike From 4 Mile Trail To Pohono Trail

This is a must do hike for anyone trying to explore the valley and get the best views of Yosemite National Park. We highly suggest taking at least two days in order to fully enjoy this experience. From wide open views of Half Dome to El Capitan, this hike is best way to experience the scale and the beauty of this unique valley.

Permits & Bear Canisters

Hike Information:

The trailhead for this hike is conveniently located along south side drive that also offers free parking along the road. The first 7 miles of this hike, climbs continuously through the serious of switchbacks for over 3,000 feet. Once you reach the top, there will be a large parking lot and a lot of tourists exploring views from Glacier Point. I highly recommend checking out this area as well. Besides the views, there are public restrooms, snack stand, souvenir store and ice cream!

Once you get tired fighting for a spot to take pictures of Half Dome and El Capitan, you can move on toward Sentinel Dome on Pohono Trail. Once you reach the Sentinel Dome trailhead, you have an option to hike to the top of the Sentinel Dome and explore some awesome 360 views. We felt to tired and decided to continue on trail toward Taft Point. Taft Point is popular place to spot people practicing highlining. I won’t explain the process, but you can see for yourself on the photos. It takes some balls to do this. Dean Potter used to do this without any safety equipment.

As the sun was getting low, we finally reached our campground after crossing Bridalveil Creek. To our surprise, there was not a single person camping at this location. It is the middle of October and considered as an off-season. It does get pretty cold at night around this time of year. Please note that you are required to carry a Bear Canister and obtain a permit in order to stay overnight at this backpackers campground.

The next morning we woke to warm and beautiful sunny weather. The rest of the hike would take you through a dense, lush green forest with occasional views of the valley once you get closer to the edge. Dewey Point is a perfect spot to take a brake and enjoy amazing views of El Capitan. Eventually you will descend down to a Tunnel View where we hitched a ride back to our car.