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About Serge & Dasha

Yes, this is us! Posing in our Full on Hiking Outfit right after we got married.
Better yet, we are getting ready to Hike Pacific Crest Trail for our Honeymoon!
Hey there…It’s us, Serge & Dasha! We love to travel and spend time outdoors. We are just an ordinary couple, who works 9-5 jobs and live in a concrete jungle, like most of us do. We try to make the most of our time and enjoy simple things that make us happy. We write to inspire our friends to take adventures and aid fellow travelers in having a better experience on their trips. We hope to motivate and challenge people to conquer their fears, get out from their comfort zones and experience the love and the beauty of our amazing planet. Drop us a few lines in the comments section or say “Hi” on the social media network!