Hiking The Pacific Crest Trail: Day 69

Dasha is looking over Mammoth Mountain, thinking about the time we just spent with our moms

After taking 8 days off to spend with our moms it was extremely difficult to get back on the trail. Although we got plenty of rest, it almost felt like our legs forgot what it was like to hike. From Mammoth to Tuolumne, our next resupply point, is approximately 34 miles – a distance doable in 2 days. However, due to us walking slower after taking so much time off & another unaccounted nuance – 2 days of hiking would put our arrival on Saturday evening (post office is closed on Sundays), it took us 3 slow days to get to our destination. We actually did not mind the slow pace, and allowed our selves to relax and take our time during the section that will bring us into Yosemite National Park.

Our cozy camping spot slightly below Donahue Pass

Since we were just in Tuolumne with our moms (a 2 hour ride by car from Mammoth Lakes), we were very tempted to skip that section of the PCT and just have them drop us off at Tuolumne. But we couldn’t, we were afraid to miss on something that otherwise we would never see again. And we were so glad that we didn’t skip. It turned out to be a beautiful section, one of my favorites.