Hiking The Pacific Crest Trail: Day 141

Goat Rocks Wilderness with the view of Mt. Rainier in the far distance

Washington is hands down our most favorite state on this trail. PCT has saved the best for last. Often times Serge and I regret how fast we have went through the beautiful Sierras and wish that we would have slowed down. Here in WA we feel like we have gotten our second chance. Although we have only 2 weeks left of our journey, and as much as we are excited to get back, it is getting bitter sweet and we are savoring each minute spent here on the trail.

Mt. Hood is visible in the far distance

Washington nights are colder, much colder, and perfect for camp fires, hot tea and chocolate times. It is also the Elk mating season and there is nothing more magical as to sit by the fire at night and in the distance hear a melodic cry (I like to call it – singing) of a male Elk calling for his mate. It will make the hair stand on your skin.

I think we are getting to a point where it is getting harder and harder to describe the beauty of nature around us. Every photo, view is scenic and beautiful. Again, I want to quote our friend Polaris who has said it best:


  • “Long ago, in a book called Genesis, there were two people who didn’t know the difference between good and evil. In fact, they didn’t know about any of life’s great contrasts. In one respect, my journey has returned to the innocence of the Garden of Eden: I never see ugliness, so I can no longer see beauty.
  • I know exactly why that is. All day, every day there’s a parade of sapphire lakes, rugged peaks, and forests that shine with life. The next day, I can count on more of the same. And today, I generally cannot tell if the outside world is beautiful or not. It simply “is”, it simply exists. I love the trail, but I no longer think of the sights in terms of beauty. It is just my world.”

In his analogy, Polaris explains that we can no longer tell beauty from ugliness, simply because everything around us is the same every day. It’s beautiful. We have nothing to compare this to, no contrast, as we have not set a foot into the outside world in almost 5 months (besides the occasional drop ins into town for a resupply). Here is a few photos of our world.

While hiking through Washington State, we felt like we were at home. Before, we thought that nothing can top the Sierras, but Washington did it for us. Lush green vegetation, glacier covered volcano’s and the abundance of wildlife left unforgettable impression on our lives.

We’ve encountered some spoiled birds