Observation Point Day Hike

The view from the observation point

If you’re visiting Zion in the hurry or just looking for another challenging hike. This is a must do trek for anyone who wants to experience the best views of the entire Zion Canyon.

Trip Information:

The Observation Point is a strenuous hike, with over 2,000 feet of vertical elevation gains that takes you up to the highest point of 6,500 feet above the sea level and has absolutely stunning views throughout the entire trail.

The trail starts at the Weeping Rock bus stop and shares a common trailhead with Hidden Canyon and a Weeping Rock Trails.

Looking at the Weeping Rock Bus Stop and Angel’s Landing in the background

You will cross a small bridge and will immediately start gaining elevation through a series of switchbacks. I recommend starting early in the morning or later in the afternoon, as you may be quite exposed to the sun during the ascend.

When you reach the junction with hidden canyon, you’ll see a steep trail going up through a series of switchbacks to a hidden canyon (I haven’t had a chance to hike this trail, but additional information can be found here. If you really like to get a taste of what this trail looks like, check out this video made by Kolby)

Once passed Hidden Canyon, the trail will continue to gradually climb until you reach the Echo Canyon. Suddenly, you will become surrounded by giant canyon walls that would block off the sun and experience cooler temperatures. After about a mile into the canyon, you will reach the junction with East Rim Trail.

Stay to the left of the junction and you will begin your final ascend through a serious of switchbacks. When the trail finally levels out, you will be hiking your final mile on the rim over sandy upper plateau.

When you get to East Mesa Trail Junction (a less a popular trail that can be accessed from East Boundary of the park), make a sharp left and hike for 0.4 miles until you reach the Observation Point. The views at the top are simply stunning! You will see the famous Angel’s Landing and the virgin river right below!

Serge and Dasha at the top of Observation Point